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Patio Cleaning in Bexley DA5

Patio Cleaning Bexley DA5Patio cleaning is essential because a year’s worth of normal weather can have rough consequences for your patio. Rain causes nasty mould and mildew to accumulate on patios, and dirt and grime can wear away a beautiful finish and leave it looking dull. Furniture rusts and stains, and even animals can leave your patio less than desirable. What’s the use of having a patio and a nice garden if your patio is unpleasant to you and embarrassing to show guests? That’s why letting the patio cleaners at Bexley Cleaning work for you is a great way to get your garden ready for the spring and autumn.

Our expert patio cleaning company use only high-tech jet washers to remove the buildup of dirt and tough stains from tile, cement, and wood patio surfaces. We never use chemicals or chemical sprays; our high-powered jet washing technology is effective and easy, and will not harm you or your pets. Our high-pressure washers also reduce water usage, further reducing the environmental impact. What this means for you is that in almost no time and at a reasonable cost you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining on your patio again.

Patio Cleaning Bexley DA5You can call our knowledgeable and dedicated staff at 01322252222. We’re here seven days a week to answer all of your questions about our procedures and equipment, give you a quote on the cost of our services, and to schedule your next appointment. We are also offering a 15% discount when you add one of our other one-off cleaning services to your patio cleaning or jet washing.